Wellcome Trust & Karger join the Blockchain for Peer Review Initiative

We are very happy to announce that Karger Publishers has recently joined the Blockchain for Peer Review initiative. After Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press and Taylor & Francis, Karger is the fourth publisher to join our efforts towards making peer review more transparent, efficient and recognizable. Karger, with its longstanding history in the scientific community, has recognised the importance of using blockchain technology as well as synergies between different publishers.

Peer Review Wellcome Karger

Cyrill Martin, Karger’s Strategic Competence Lead Advanced Technologies, said:

“Joining the Blockchain for Peer Review initiative marks a first important step towards this common goal.”

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that the Wellcome Trust has joined the Blockchain for Peer Review initiative as an advisor. One of the things we will investigate together is how we can recognize grant reviewers for their work using the blockchain, and how we can broaden the reviewer pool available for grant reviews by leveraging the overlap in grant and journal article reviews.

Robert Kiley, Head of Open Research at the Wellcome Trust, said:

“Wellcome recognises the value of peer review and is interested in new initiatives which make the process more transparent and fair, and minimises the burden to the research community.”