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How to Participate

We are keen to engage with as many partners as possible in the initiative. The complexity of the technical and organizational challenges involved means that room to participate in Phase 1 is limited to 3-4 publishers.

We welcome more partners joining us for Phase 2.  All publishers joining the effort will be asked to follow our basic rules of participation and to work in an open and constructive manner. Findings, experiences and results are to be shared among all participants during and after the conclusion of the pilot.

Register your interest to participate using the form below.

Intellectual Property

In line with the characteristics of blockchain technology, the peer review data stored in the blockchain will not be owned by any entity or organization. In particular, the data stored on the blockchain will be accessible to all participants in the project.

Therefore only data which participants are entitled to and agree to share free of any rights will be stored in clear on the blockchain and use of that data will be granted without restrictions to all participants. Participants will retain full ownership and rights over data which is referenced and/or not stored on the blockchain and will remain in full control of permissions to make that data accessible to third parties (in some cases as a proxy for reviewers and editors).